In the past, teeth were filled with a mixture (or amalgam) of different metals consisting of mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc and copper. Today, that has changed as more natural-looking and metal free fillings have become the preferred approach. The most important feature of these fillings is that they look and feel more like natural teeth.

Instead of using an unsightly silver amalgam filling to seal a cavity, at our dental clinic, we give you the option of choosing a durable composite resin filling that more closely matches the colour of your teeth. They are a good choice for people who prefer that their fillings look more natural.

These white fillings do more than enhance your appearance. Because they require smaller holes and less removal of the tooth than amalgam fillings, composite fillings are able to restore the tooth to most of it’s original shape, leaving it stronger and less susceptible to breaking. They provide good resistance to fracture of teeth with small to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing, and also insulate the tooth from excess temperature changes. They’re even good for the environment. Since they don’t contain any mercury, there are no hazardous metal wastes to dispose of.