At the George R. Owino & Associates Dental Clinic, we want your teeth to last as long as you do. Sometimes, however, as much as we try to avoid removing teeth, it may be necessary to do just that. A tooth may be so severely damaged that it simply can not be saved. The tooth may need to be extracted so that we can replace it with a partial denture, a partial bridge or an implant.

Other reasons for extracting a tooth may include severe dental pain which can not be managed in any other way, teeth that are over crowded and must be removed to create space, teeth that have grown in abnormal positions and teeth that are involved in other disease conditions.

In some cases we may recommend extracting wisdom teeth if they become impacted. Wisdom teeth usually come in during your late teens or early twenties. If they don’t emerge all the way, they can become impacted. Other teeth may block them making it difficult for you to clean them properly. That in turn, makes them more vulnerable to decay and disease. Impacted teeth can also irritate and inflame the gums causing painful swelling.

We know that dental phobia is an issue for some people and tooth extractions tend to be feared more than other dental treatments. Before removing the tooth we will apply an anaesthetic so you won’t feel any pain.