Our diagnostic services may include:

  • Reviewing and Updating Medical History, including Heart Problems, Cancer Treatment, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Joint Replacement, Medications, Surgeries or any other major changes in your Health History
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Evaluation of Gum Tissue
  • Checking Biting, Chewing and Swallowing Patterns
  • X-rays, Examination of Teeth to Detect Decay
  • Oral Cancer Examination and Screening
  • Treatment Planning
  • Referral to Specialists for Specific Treatment

Our expertly trained dentists will carefully examine everything from your teeth to your tongue for any evidence of decay, teeth grinding or other potential disorders. They will also have x-rays taken in order to give them a clearer picture of what’s going on inside your teeth and enable them detect any decay that may be developing between your teeth as well as possible signs of tumors, cysts and bone loss.

Dental Diagnostic X-rays

Dental Decay Between Teeth

Decay & Infection Of The Tooth Pulp

Impacted Wisdom Tooth & Decay In The Adjoining Tooth

Severe Gum Disease With Advanced Bone Loss