Our Facilities


Quality work starts with the right tools. Our main concern is to meet our patients’ expectations for high standard treatment. That is why at The George R. Owino & Associates Dental Centre we have invested in the latest dental equipment and thanks to our professional team’s experience and know how, we will provide you with only the best services. Our modern premises are fitted with state of the art equipment and facilities including:

  • Fully Functional Surgeries
  • Complete Dental Units with Dentist and Assistant Stools
  • Up-to-date X-ray Units
  • Dental Operating Lights
  • Computers and Communication Systems
  • Infection and Biohazard Control, and
  • Record Management Facilities


We have four and three fully functional surgeries in the Nairobi and Kisumu offices, respectively. In addition each dental clinic has a large and pleasantly furnished patient reception/waiting room with a television and free Wi-Fi Internet connection, a business area, and sterilization room.

Complete Dental Units

Each surgery is equipped with a state of the art dental unit. Our versatile dental units, complete with fitted high-speed, low-speed and surgery hand pieces, have comfortable patient chairs with adjustable headrests for patient comfort and dentist visibility. The dental units with both dentist and assistant stools allow dentists to work with a nurse making their work easier and more efficient.

Up-to-date X-ray Units

We have up-to-date x-ray units consisting of Intraoral, Panoramic and Cephalometric units, all of which can be taken either conventionally or digitally.

Dental Operating Lights

Bright operating lights provide illumination during dental procedures. At both clinics we have operating lights (with rotating axes for flexible positioning) that ensure accurate positioning and perfect visibility for dentists over the patient’s entire treatment area.

Computers and Communication Systems

Our offices are fully computerized. Also used in the surgeries are computers that allow the doctor to examine digital radiograph images and electronically maintained patient charts. The clinics also have up-to-date communication systems for both intra-office communication and for communications outside the clinic including internal paging, intercom systems, fax machines and Internet access.

Record Management

Our patient records are either digitized or kept in safe and secure lockers to safeguard patient confidentiality.

Infection and Biohazard Control

We pay keen attention to Infection and biohazard control. We have clinical stations with adequate space that minimizes cross contamination. We have a dedicated sterilizing area that includes a sufficient space for preparing, sterilizing and storing instruments. Our staff is provided with personal protective equipment and supplies that conform to the most current infection and hazard control protocol.

Our equipment is sterilized after every use, well kept, serviced, and upgraded regularly. Space and furnishings for patient reception and waiting area are easy to clean and decontaminate. Cleaning and decontamination of the surgeries are done after every patient visit. At the close of the day the entire facility is cleaned and decontaminated.

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